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    [GA - PULLED] Repeal: "Prevention of Forced Sterilisation"

    Spelling errors!? For
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    [R4R] Citizenship admin checks

    I may not involve myself in security checks any longer, but I have some knowledge of how we've done things and why that I can share. Historically, this practice is based on the incident when JAL joined on a second account as Bokeryville using his workplace internet connection. There is no...
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    [SC - PASSED] Repeal: "Liberate The Embassy"

    This region doesn't need to have many nations in it, or let any in going forward. For
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    [SC - PASSED] Commend King HEM

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    Admin Requests

    Huh? Why are you quoting some old javascript code at me?
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    [GA - FAILED] Repeal: "Death Penalty Ban"

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    Admin Requests

    Done, and indeed unnecessary.
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    [GA - FAILED] Repeal: "Death Penalty Ban"

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    Admin Requests

    That too
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    Admin Requests

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    Statement on Anti-Fascist Quorum Raids

    That's not how the law works. The Regional Assembly would first have to declare war or recognize the existence of a state of war.
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    [GA - PASSED] Death Penalty Ban

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    president_lazlo is using a Proxy

    For the record, FoIA doesn't apply to forum admin processes, and we need the ability to keep some of the details of what we do secret. But it's appropriate for us to clarify matters to people as needed, so long as we follow the rules (see section 4.3 in particular).
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    xenForo 2.2

    @Oracle That's broken for me in XenDark too. Thanks, we'll look into it. If it breaks your experience, you can use TNP Dark for the time being, I'll let you know when it's fixed.
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    xenForo 2.2

    We have been upgraded to it. Please report anything that broke in the upgrade here. Things to look into: joinable groups any integrations with the citizenship tracking google sheets or discord bots add-ons we previously had that I was unaware of
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    Every time someone typoes "and" as "adn" is the ADN's fault.
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    OMG HI
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    Deposition of Eluvatar - The North Pacific v Ihese

    Ihese was put on mod approval (posts they make in the forum require mod approval before they can be seen) and has been blocked from using the PM system.
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    Deposition of Eluvatar - The North Pacific v Ihese

    Yes, I can confirm that a personal message was sent by @Ihese to @Pigeonstan with the contents shown in Exhibit E and was reported September 2nd, 2020.
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    Deposition of Eluvatar - The North Pacific v Ihese

    I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
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    Citizenship Applications

    Nation: Zemnaya Svoboda I pledge loyalty to The North Pacific, obedience to her laws, and responsible action as a member of her society. I pledge to only register one nation to vote in The North Pacific. I pledge that no nation under my control will wage war against the North Pacific. I...
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    North Pacific Security Council Disclosure Act

    Expect to see it tomorrow.
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    North Pacific Security Council Disclosure Act

    I like this bill even more than the bill recently voted on. I will however be suggesting a version with less redundant statutory language as a replacement to that bill, as @Praetor has asked me to.
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    The Hero Act

    Having the process explicitly established means people would be more likely to use it.