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  1. Darcania

    Four score and seven years ago

    No, it hasn't actually been that long, but it sure feels like it. Four days ago, I hit my fifth year in NS. Normally, this is where people would reflect on those past five years, but nah. Instead I'm more just wondering what in the world is wrong with me to play NS over a period of five whole...
  2. Darcania

    Regarding recent court rulings

    Your Honors, I couldn't help but notice that no Court Ruling after On the judicial inquiry filed by SillyString on Court Review of RA Proposals, dated 22 March, 2018, has been added to the Court Decision Archive, which is linked from the Laws page of this forum. Since that ruling I can see at...
  3. Darcania

    [Passed] Emergency Flag Bill

    Due to tinypic shutting down, our flag and seal are no longer expressly defined in the Legal Code. As such, I recommend we fix this ASAP. I managed to grab both files from, and thus propose the following bill: Rather than use tinypic or another hosting site for this, I have...
  4. Darcania

    test thread, please ignore

  5. Darcania

    (Withdrawn) Darcania for Speaker of the House

    In the style of my previous run for Speaker coming from the AG's office, I'd like to specify here that I would be a far better Speaker of the House than @El Fiji Grande could ever be, and that by my sheer endless talent and determination I would bring honor back to the office of Speaker of the...
  6. Darcania

    The Vexillum Billum

    Lately, I have noticed an issue commonly brought into debate in the Regional Assembly, that of newcomers to the region using the seal in various dispatches and representations that conflict with Section 10.2, clause 5 of the Legal Code, which states: There has also often been debate about...
  7. Darcania

    FOIA Request: Gameside Advocates

    Under Section 7.5 of the Legal Code, aka the Freedom of Information Act, I would like to request all private government communications, either on the forums, Discord, or on-site, between members of the Gameside Advocates, between the appointment of the current Gameside Advocates on 13 May, 2019...
  8. Darcania

    Attorney General Darcania

    It has a good ring to it, but it doesn't have any alliteration... Not much to say here. I previously served as Attorney General from January 2017 to November 2017, as well as Deputy Attorney General from November 2016 to January 2017. I have also previously served as Speaker, as well as many...
  9. Darcania

    Spam game count

    This is a count of all posts made by all users who posted in the Spam Week thread, excluding MadJack, between (time=1554076800) (midnight GMT) and (time=1554681600) (midnight GMT). Sorry for any mentions, I can't exactly suppress them when linking people...
  10. Darcania


    @Pallaith I hereby resign as Minister of Defense. @Artemis I hereby renounce my Citizenship and resign from the Speaker's Staff.
  11. Darcania

    Stargate: 11-03-2019 to 13-03-2019

    The Ministry of Defense 14 March, 2019 The North Pacific Army (NPA) successfully liberated our ally region Stargate from a raid carried out by a region of attempted imperialists. Nine NPA soldiers participated in the initial jump, and twenty total NPAers piled. All participants are awarded the...
  12. Darcania

    Announcement: New Rank - Warrant Officer

    The Ministry of Defense 3 March, 2019 As per the Legal Code, section 8, clause 6, I have opened a vote in the NPA subforum to add a new rank and associated insignia to the NPA's ladder. Twenty three soldiers voted over the course of the seven days the vote was open, and with a 100% majority in...
  13. Darcania

    Winterfell: 26-02-2019 to 01-03-2019

    The Ministry of Defense 1 March, 2019 The North Pacific Army (NPA) successfully held Winterfell for 3 days. 23 NPAers joined in the pile. During the pile, multiple Officers ran liberation attempts against the region to train ourselves in both running liberation ops and in defending a pile...
  14. Darcania

    The Empire of Lights: 2019-02-19 to 2019-02-25

    The Ministry of Defense 25 February, 2019 The North Pacific Army (NPA), in conjunction with Antifa, successfully liberated The Empire of Lights over the course of 5 days. Nine organizations took part, reaching 30 endorsements on the point Vippertooth33 during the initial jump and 70...
  15. Darcania

    NPA Anthems

    Nah, but they're just NPA-themed versions of popular music. Every so often I randomly make up NPA parodies of songs so I figured I'd post them here as they come up. First up, "Pile Shop", to the tune of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Thrift Shop": I'm gonna post some...
  16. Darcania

    The South Pacific: 2019-01-30 to 2019-02-15

    The Ministry of Defense 17 February, 2019 The North Pacific Army (NPA) assisted our ally The South Pacific with their Delegacy transition. 28 NPA soldiers participated. Darcania Zazumo QuietDad Bobberino John Maynard MadJack Mr Tickles Koopa103 Dinoium ACR of Deerfenland Sasten BluieGamer...
  17. Darcania

    Announcement: A couple important promotions

    Malphe is promoted to the rank of General (GEN). This promotion is, frankly, long overdue - as an ex-MoD, ex-MoFA, and a valued Deputy, his experience and knowledge is undeniable, and, with the unanimous agreement of the North Pacific Army's High Command, I am honored to grant him the highest...
  18. Darcania

    John Maynard's Officer Test and the Featured Region: 2019-2-8

    Last major update, Sergeant John Maynard took his Officer Test and detagged two regions. Eight soldiers participated. Regions detagged: United Nations of the Benches The Alliance of Socialist States Participants: QuietDad Bobberino John Maynard Legend Zazumo TlomzKrano Yuno Dr0dnat For passing...
  19. Darcania

    Warzone Africa: 2019-01-27 to 2019-02-01

    The Ministry of Defense 6 February, 2019 The North Pacific Army (NPA) successfully held Warzone Africa for 5 days. 29 NPAers joined in the pile. This operation was organized and pointed by Darcania, with a surprise comeback of Gladio serving as trigger. All participants are awarded the...
  20. Darcania

    Training Operations

    Training Operations In an effort to reduce clutter, announcements regarding all standard training operations will be placed in this thread. Otherwise notable operations will continue to be posted in their own thread as usual. Minister of Defense: @Westinor PS: You can join the North Pacific...
  21. Darcania

    Opening Address, January 2019

    The Ministry of Defense 13 January, 2019 Good morning, TNP and the NPA, your divine floof is here and is your new Minister of Defense! I'm not much for grand speeches, so I'll keep this simple. First off, I'd like to thank Pallaith for trusting me with this appointment. This is a far different...
  22. Darcania

    Delegate Advisor Law Moved Posts

    For clarification, his request has been noted, but has it been granted? Also, @MadJack, is there any particular reason you wish to shorten debate? This new wording has only been around for a few days, and I'd rather give some reasonable amount of time for people to double-check it. Admittedly...
  23. Darcania

    Fluff Party

    the floof welcomes thee to the fluff party the fluff party exists to spread the influence of the floof please post here praising the floof or the fluff to be allowed into the party alternatively please post here with one or more (1+) criticisms of the floof or the fluff to be added to the...
  24. Darcania

    Darcania for Justice

    pls vote for me as i am fluffy also because i have a lot of legal experience like speaker and attorney general and election commissioner and deputy attorney general also because i'm around a lot so maybe things will go slightly faster-ish also because i am fluffy thx ❤
  25. Darcania

    Ulus Darcania

    The Ulus Darcania (Mercanti: the Darcanian Foreign Affairs Office), on the command of Scian kul Kroning and with the blessing of our Elder, Zephyr, hereby establishes this unitary all-purpose Embassy and diplomatic channel for Ambassadors of all nations to submit correspondence to the Leadership...
  26. Darcania

    The Like Feature

    A discussion was had on Discord regarding the Like feature of the new forums, which the admins appear divided on. When we discussed it there an admin asked us to move it to this forum. So feel free to give feedback on the like feature, especially on where and how you would like to see it...
  27. Darcania


    [hr] Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have; they will either be mocked and ignored or responded to with semi-serious campaign promises, which will be either vague or concrete and will have a varying chance of being implemented...
  28. Darcania

    Election Commission Appointments

    The delegate has appointed two citizens to the Election Commission. Per the Legal Code, Chapter 4 Clause 11, these appointments are subject to RA confirmation. The confirmation will follow non-legislative procedures. Here are the appointments: These appointments may be debated in this topic...
  29. Darcania

    Vacancy Bill

    [hr] With the recent removal of Leaves of Absences, and with the more recent declaration of Yukkira's leaving for a month, it occurred to me that we still have a leave of absence of sorts given to government officials through the wording in clause 9. As I see it, two weeks without logging in to...
  30. Darcania

    Temporary Commissioner Appointment

    As SillyString and Syrixia have vacated the Commission due to losing Citizenship, and as Scorch is temporary absent from the Commission due to his candidacy, we are now down to four Commissioners, and as such we need to promptly come to a consensus to appoint a temporary Commissioner. Yukkira...