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  1. r3naissanc3r

    New BBcode: [VOTE]

    Hi all, I added a new BB code VOTE. As far as forum users are concerned, it behaves exactly identically to the regular TABLE BB code. The reason it's added is to make it easier for our scripts to track voting tallies in WA voting threads. I'm mentioning this here simply to preempt questions...
  2. r3naissanc3r


    Hi all, As you may have seen, NS admins recently announced a change in dispatch formatting, which affected a lot of our existing dispatches---essentially all of those that use tables. I had petitioned for some BBcode additions to help us reproduce our previous formatting under the new changed...
  3. r3naissanc3r

    The new image repository

    The administrative team is happy to introduce the new image repository! Those of you that were around for the Zetaboards forum will likely remember the previous image repository system. We used it to facilitate long-term hosting, managing, and hyperlinking of all the various images used by the...
  4. r3naissanc3r

    Advanced endotarting queries

    The Security Council has approved the public release of the following page that was previously only available to the Delegate and Security Councillors: You can use it to make complex queries for endorsements...
  5. r3naissanc3r

    Endorse page outage fixed

    Hi, The endorse page stopped working some time on Friday, because the offsite server ran out of space. This has been fixed now. Sorry for the late response, I was busy with an RL deadline on Friday, and I ended up taking Saturday off for R&R.
  6. r3naissanc3r

    Updates to the Endorse page

    The Endorse page has been updated to include nations that became eligible for endorsing since the latest major update. These nations can be: TNP nations joining the WA; WA nations moving to TNP from some other region; an existing TNP WA nation resigning and then rejoining the WA; an existing...
  7. r3naissanc3r

    Overhaul of dispatch infrastructure

    I spent some time porting all of our dispatch-relating gameside scripts to the new "dispatch" API framework [violet] released a couple of weeks ago. The fact that they now use the API and not HTML scraping should make all of them much more robust and faster. As an example, the daily dispatch...
  8. r3naissanc3r

    Card Queries

    Card Queries Produced by The North Pacific Cards Guild TL;DR: Easily search through all 350 thousand cards using the card queries and advanced card queries pages! What is this? Have you ever wondered how many cards there are in The North Pacific? How many of them are legendary, epic, or...
  9. r3naissanc3r

    Card Market Watch

    Card Market Watch Produced by The North Pacific Cards Guild What is this? To help all those interested in the statistical trends of the card market at large, we decided to start keeping track of a few numbers and make some graphs. These include things such as the number of cards and money...
  10. r3naissanc3r

    Changes to the WADP update procedure

    Hi all, We made a major overhaul to the way the WADP and associated data dumps and statistics (including the Endorse page, the WA activity reports, and all WADP censuses) are updated each day. The changes have a few effects:In the past, even if NS successfully updated, the WADP could fail to...
  11. r3naissanc3r

    Update to the endorse page: Sorting by last login

    Hi all, During the last WADP survey, there were a few comments asking for the results of the Endorse page to be sorted by activity, rather than alphabetically. There were also a few previous requests for the same. This change has now been implemented. To judge "activity", the script uses the...
  12. r3naissanc3r

    Some updates to the Statistics page

    For the dataphiles among us, I've updated the Statistics spreadsheet to include a few new sheets and graphs covering: 1) RMB posts per day in TNP. 2) RMB posts per month in TNP. 3) Dispatches per day in TNP. 4) Dispatches per month in TNP. In all cases, the data goes as far back as November...
  13. r3naissanc3r

    Some updates to the Endorse page

    I made two updates to the Endorse page. Both of them affect the comma-separated lists that are meant to be used for telegramming groups of nations: 1) I appended the "+tag:wa" filter to both lists. This is in addition to the "+region:the_north_pacific" filter that was already in place. This...
  14. r3naissanc3r

    Super important administrative announcement

    The endorse page will no longer list your own nation among those that need to be endorsed. That is all. You can thank Siwale for pestering me about this.
  15. r3naissanc3r

    Treaty of the Northern Passage

    Treaty of the Northern Passage The North Pacific (TNP) and Europe have engaged in discussions about the natural alliance between the two regions, and how to deepen it; and TNP and Europe wish to develop closer ties with one another through continued discussions, as well as the treaty...
  16. r3naissanc3r

    Treaty of the Golden Star

    Treaty of the Golden Star WHEREAS the regions of The North Pacific and Greater Dienstad, hereafter jointly referred to as "the signatories", are cognizant of their rich communities forged over time with a strong emphasis on roleplay; and WHEREAS the signatories wish to develop closer ties with...
  17. r3naissanc3r

    Do not use Breeze to endotart

    Following a recent query in the NS Technical forum, [violet] has found that using Breeze or similar keybinding tools to endotart is likely to result in behavior that is illegal under current NS rules. While [violet] has stated that it is likely that an exception to the rule will be created...
  18. r3naissanc3r

    [DRAFT] Commend Solorni

    THE WORLD ASSEMBLY: NOTES that the government of Solorni also controls Swift Sure. ACKNOWLEDGES Solorni's fundamental contributions to the establishment of Balder. During Balder's early days, Solorni was instrumental in guaranteeing the security of the region. Solorni was one of the main...
  19. r3naissanc3r


    We have a set of scripted telegrams that are being sent out automatically for integration purposes, from nations belonging to various TNP officials. In the past, all of these were recorded in a thread pinned here in the Executive Council, regardless of who was sending them. As part of a forum...
  20. r3naissanc3r

    Pop-up and re-direct ads.

    Based on reports from members of both the TNP's and other forums, it looks like a number of pop-up and re-direct advertisements are showing up on ZetaBoards forums. We have reported the issue to ZetaBoards, and they have responded that they will do the best they can to filter them out. To...
  21. r3naissanc3r

    Telegramming instructions [for Siwale]

    Section 2. Creating a telegram template We strongly recommend that, for your manual recruitment, you use the template mechanism provided by NationStates. Using templates makes mass sending of telegrams much faster and safer (in the sense of not breaking game rules) for you, and much more...
  22. r3naissanc3r

    Don't vote for me

    I came here to withdraw my candidacy for VD, but the nominations thread is closed (I thought nominations last for 7 days normally?). Since I can't withdraw anymore, I am encouraging everyone not to vote for me. If by any chance I am elected, I will resign instantaneously.
  23. r3naissanc3r

    Results: Forum Feedback Survey

    Many thanks to everyone who has taken the survey. We have had 41 responses, and the feedback has been very useful. I thought our users would be interested in seeing some of the results. Below is a summary of the responses. [hr] It is somewhat surprising how dominant Chrome is in comparison to...
  24. r3naissanc3r

    Forum feedback survey

    The administrative team would like to hear from you, our forum users, about things you like and don't like about our forum, and changes you would like to see implemented. We have created the following survey and encourage you all to take a few minutes to complete it it: Take the Forum Feedback...
  25. r3naissanc3r


    The following are acknowledgments additional to those included in the annotation of each individual listed document. They are meant to recognize broader contributions to the Library. [hr]Acknowledgments[hr] Sciongrad For helpful discussions when the Library was first conceived, and for...
  26. r3naissanc3r

    Everything you never wanted to know about blockers

    [hr]Annotation[hr]Original title: Improving the world, one blocker at a time Date: Aug 06, 2014. Comments: Originally by Omigodtheykilledkenny; reproduced with author's permission. [Source] [hr]Document[hr]Everything you never wanted to know about blockers or... Kenny's handy-dandy guide to...
  27. r3naissanc3r

    The newb's complete glossary to WA memes and forum jokes

    [hr]Annotation[hr]Original title: MEME ME UP, SCOTTY!! Date: Aug 27, 2014. Comments: Originally by Omigodtheykilledkenny; reproduced with author's permission. [Source] [hr]Document[hr]The newb's complete glossary to WA memes and forum jokes or... Just how many of these frickin' 'guides' are...
  28. r3naissanc3r

    The Modern NatSov: Freedom to Govern

    [hr]Annotation[hr]Original title: How do I become a WA Resolution Author? Date: Aug 09, 2014. Comments: Originally by The Dourian Embassy and Mousebumples; reproduced with the authors' permission. [Source] [hr]Document[hr]The Modern NatSov: Freedom to Govern Introduction: So you wanna be a...
  29. r3naissanc3r

    The global conspiracy is friendly! A guide to the GA

    [hr]Annotation[hr]Original title: The global conspiracy is friendly! A guide to the GA Date: Aug 15, 2011. Comments: Originally by Kelssek; reproduced with author's permission. [Source] [hr]Document[hr]The global conspiracy is friendly! A guide to the General Assembly Hello there. This is an...
  30. r3naissanc3r

    Will the real International Federalist please stand up?

    [hr]Annotation[hr]Original title: Will the real International Federalist please stand up? Date: Mar 31, 2011. Comments: Originally by Knootoss; reproduced with author's permission. The source is a NationStates forum thread that contains a lot of useful follow-up discussion. [Source]...