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  1. Lamoni

    Moderating an RP Forum

    Moderating an RP Forum By: Lamoni 05/30/18 Moderating an RP forum is fairly simple, overall. You have to be prepared to delete individual contributions that do not contribute to the thread (or even entire threads) if the need arises, or use the other moderation tools available, as intended...
  2. Lamoni

    Embassy of Greater Dienstad

    Embassy of Greater Dienstad to TNP Welcome to Greater Dienstad's Embassy to the region of The North Pacific. This Embassy is intended to serve as a point of contact between our two regions, as well as allowing Greater Dienstad to answer any questions which you might have about our region, our...
  3. Lamoni

    Greater Dienstad's Ambassador to TNP

    Greetings to the region of TNP! I am the Free Republic of Lamoni, WA Delegate of Greater Dienstad, and ambassador to Equilism, TEP, and to TNP, as well. I have been commended by the World Assembly Security Council's resolution number 100, and i'm also an RP Mentor. I helped GD to host the 2015...
  4. Lamoni

    Lamoni Today

    Welcome to the office of Lamoni Today! We are the official national and international newspaper of the Free Republic of Lamoni, bringing news from the Free Republic, Greater Dienstad, and beyond, straight to your doorstep! The Newspaper Lamoni Today is a national Lamonian daily newspaper...
  5. Lamoni


    Hello, I am the Free Republic of Lamoni. I am on TNP's forums as an ambassador from the region of Greater Dienstad, and have already applied for envoy masking, and an embassy. I am an RP Mentor, so if any of you need assistance with RPing on the NS forums, please let me know. Some people...
  6. Lamoni

    Greater Dienstad Requests Embassy

    Name of your region: Greater Dienstad Link to your region's forums: Head of Government: The Macabees Head of State: The Macabees Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): Lamoni Short description of your region: GD is a well-known RPing region who recently hosted the 2015 NSWF, and was...