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  1. Imperium Anglorum

    [DRAFT] Preventing Financial Crises

    Whereas financial crises happen, but diversifying assets and creating a system to prevent those crises from freezing up economic activity would help stop them from harming average people: And whereas securitising debt increases liquidity in capital markets, transfers risk from risk-averse...
  2. Imperium Anglorum

    [DRAFT] Commend Knootoss

    Hello, you can find the draft there. I would usually post the entire resolution up, but this time, I am uniquely open to changes, which may run at a pace that would mean any resolution I put up here would be far out of date by the time anyone got to it. The central thread is here...
  3. Imperium Anglorum

    [DRAFT] Vaccinations Act

    Current working title: Public Health (Vaccinations) Act
  4. Imperium Anglorum

    30 June update

    Europe in June 2017 30 June 2017 The basic Law In April 2017, Europe passed a new law, a Basic Law, to codify the long-unwritten and mostly unclear laws of the region. It organises how the region is run, broadly adopting a Westminster-style constitutional monarchy, with the Founder as the head...
  5. Imperium Anglorum

    5 December 2016 Update

    Hello from Europe with an update, courtesy of the Foreign Office! Larger than ever! The government has continued to send out recruitment telegrams at a blistering pace. Over the last few months, over 10 thousand recruitment telegrams have been sent to new players. And those telegrams have...
  6. Imperium Anglorum


    Hello! I am Imperium Anglorum, the current Delegate of Europe. I'd love to make friends of all of you. If you want to learn more about Europe, we've got a pile of dispatches on our region and the government and you can visit our forums here.
  7. Imperium Anglorum

    Europe's Old Embassy Application

    If it is possible, could I be given the ability to view Jeux II's embassy application as well as (if possible) the original discussion thread on the topic? Furthermore, does there exist a system of consulates with the North Pacific?