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  1. Nessuno

    A vote for Nessuno is one step closer to the Revolution!

    In the name of the greatest animal that have ever slipped this earth, I draw the line in the sand and toss my tam o'shanter before the feet of the tyranny of the bourgeoise, and I say revolution today, revolution tomorrow, revolution forever! This is the platform for the revolution, this is the...
  2. Nessuno

    The Animal Party

    THE ANIMAL PARTY Animals of the world, unite! The party of the animals, by the animals for the animals. To enter and remain in the party all members are required to: 1) follow the eight principles of Animalism: - Four legs good, no legs better. - Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings...
  3. Nessuno

    [Thel] Overviews on Sanguinia (Update 1)

    Sanguinia was once a former League of Maritime Republics and Dukedoms that had territories stretching between the Kingdom of Dürrenweil and Peregrinum. Ever since its fall, Sanguinia is a cursed, impoverish land that is plagued by constant misfortunes, disease and drawing the attention of dark...
  4. Nessuno


    Hello, i'm Nessuno, and i'm running to be your Delegate. I would like to thank @r3naissanc3r , @Siwale . @mcmasterdonia and every other person who have thought i wasn't already enjoying myself banning and suppressing people every day and thought i could aspire to a better position. Something...
  5. Nessuno

    TNP Literary Awards

    Greetings to all citizens and residents of The North Pacific! I am Nessuno, Lead Gameside Advocate, and i'm here today to announce you the TNP Literary Awards! Having the most active regional message board (RMB) in NationStates and an endless stream of new dispatches, The North Pacific is...
  6. Nessuno

    Telltale Polls

    This thread is about discussing about the creation of a series (or more) of telltale polls. I think everyone know about how telltale games works, but for the ones who don't they're adventure games based on licensed properties from film, comics, television, and other video games. This games...
  7. Nessuno

    Inactivity i think

    From tomorrow to the first days of September (if nothing change) i will be in South Italy for a summer work. Since i don't know exactly my time schedule i won't be very active like always. I will keep endorsing like always and posting too even if more sporadically, but if you guys need...
  8. Nessuno

    Did you know? 2

    Some time ago i published this topic where i talked about those historical facts that are not know to most of the people. Then i totally forgot about it and i went inactive. But today it returns!!....Well not today, next week. Today is only for letting you know how it will work. Every week...
  9. Nessuno

    Football (soccer) in The North Pacific

    This thread is a discussion about creating a regional governing body of association football (like the FIFA) responsible for the organization of football's major regional (and interregional?)tournaments, like The Northern Cup (and maybe something like the Uefa Champions Cup and Europa League or...
  10. Nessuno

    The TNP Reboot Thread

    Post a song, movie, tv series, cartoon, book or comic changing one or more words of it with ones that have to do with The North Pacific. Example: The Lord of the Endorsements: The Fellowship of the WAPD (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)
  11. Nessuno

    Map Nexus Split

    I like it!
  12. Nessuno

    Inscriptions to The 2015 TNP Quidditch Cup

    Citizen and friends of The North Pacific, it's with great pleasure that i inform you that the inscriptions to The 2015 TNP Quidditch Cup are now open. The tournament will be held in April/May in The Disputed Territories of Territorio di Nessuno and it's open to all Nations that wish to...
  13. Nessuno

    Luftwaffle Airlines

    Luftwaffle Airlanes is the premier airline of The Disputed Territories of Territorio di Nessuno. Luftwaffle Airlines currently served all Territorio di Nessuno cities but we are looking to expand our service to international destination from our HQ at Ehm International Airport. Nation that...
  14. Nessuno

    Did you know?

    Do you know that the Polish Cavalry went into battle wearing wings? Founded between 1574-1576 by the will of the sovereign Stefan Batory, following the reform of the army, the Polish Winged Hussars were a heavy cavalry élite force which formed the backbone of the Kingdom of Poland first and...
  15. Nessuno

    Another motto for the week (ONLY FOR INFORMATION)

    My idea is to have a motto for the week based on the Holidays or the Anniversary present in that week, alternatively with something different (a famous phrase, a quote, a song, etc.). Last week i started my with the Part 1 of the Christmas Holidays motto, "Merry Christmas...", wich end this...
  16. Nessuno

    ARCHIVED: The restricted area of A-0

    The Protectorate of Territorio di Qualcuno is a penal colony of The Disputed Territories of Territorio di Nessuno. Located in the extreme North-West corner of The North Pacific (coordinates A-0) the climate is mostly artic with perennial snow and sub-zero temperature. The territory is mostly...
  17. Nessuno

    Move like an Disperso!

    Hi friends of The North Pacific :Hello: I would inform you that, from December 6th to December 13th, i go to Egypt and i can't connect to NS I would to know if i take any action regarding my NS nation, as stop reciving issues or let accumulate. Thank you for the attention...
  18. Nessuno

    Chi vuole un'ambasciata?

    The Disputed Territories of Territorio di Nessuno want you to build an embassy! Come on, complete the following questions and have fun! :Hello: (NOTE: spies are not allowed) Application: Official Name of Nation: Type of Government: Capital City: Motto: Number of Embassy Staff: Questions...
  19. Nessuno

    Ehilà, salve a tutti!

    Goooooooooooood morning/afternoon/evening/night North Pacific!!! I am The Disputed Territories of Territorio di Nessuno and i am writing this topic because i can't do anything in this forum untill this pubblic (from what i'm understand). I salute you because i don't have anthing else to say and...