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  1. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - PASSED] Military Death Penalty Ban

    The death penalty is ineffective. It has high costs with no measurable deterrent effects. A review of annual state panel data from 1977–2006 found 'no empirical support for the argument that the existence or application of the death penalty deters prospective offenders from committing homicide'...
  2. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - PASSED] Protecting the Rights of Labour Unions

    By not creating rights of action or by limiting the scope of existing rights of action. We have a whole category for this in the GA: tort reform. These kinds of bars are common in real world law. Eg War Damage Act 1965 s 1 (UK) (retroactively abolishing any compensation for claims against the...
  3. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - PASSED] Protecting the Rights of Labour Unions

    We literally just repealed the last proposal on unions for flaws that were less major than the one I identified. I think the topic shines very brightly right now; and also, I agree with Praetor, authors shouldn't rush to submission with flawed drafts. A law that allows unions to be sued into...
  4. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - PASSED] Protecting the Rights of Labour Unions

    I think this is a good point. Section 4(b) creates a very difficult legal position for unions: they'll get sued any time they do much of anything. One could easily imagine that a union saying 'We voted to take the compromise we signed' would get sued by the people who voted against the...
  5. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - PASSED] Prohibition of Honor-based Violence

    This emerges from my comments at I'll be honest, you shouldn't vote for this proposal because it by omission, allows honour killings to be used as justification or excuse. The relevant clause stops honour claims from being used...
  6. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - WITHDRAWN] Protecting Sapient Life

    Due to GA 2's use of "international law" in the good faith clause, the Assembly has a convention that "international law" means only WA law. This is because otherwise basically all proposals are illegal for violating some unknown treaty that someone could invent out of thin air (You want to...
  7. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - FAILED] Pedagogical Freedom

    The European Convention on Human Rights does not prohibit the abolition of home schooling. Konrad and others v Germany, App. no. 35504/03, Eur Ct HR (2006).
  8. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - FAILED] Repeal: "Supporting and Valuing the Humanities"

    Sciongrad and I discussed this argument. I wrote my conference paper on the topic. See The paper argues there is no reason to believe that the nebulous executive under, possibly Catherine Gratwick, would not fall under political pressure or...
  9. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - FAILED] Repeal: "Supporting and Valuing the Humanities"

    In short— The World Assembly primarily relies on money taxed from member nations in GA 17 “WA General Fund”. Member nations cannot bear unlimited expenditures, especially when the World Assembly cannot borrow. When resources are expended, they ought to be used under tight constraints on...
  10. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - FAILED] Repeal: "Supporting and Valuing the Humanities"

    If you believe this is true, given the provisions of GA 2, you should challenge the proposal for being an Honest Mistake violation. At a more broad level, I wrote some time in mid-August a long explanation as to why I feel the interpretation made here is both correct and the best supported by...
  11. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - Nearing Queue] Access to Abortion

    Or, maybe like the totalitarian dictatorship of Justin Trudeau's Canada, where abortions are paid for by Canadian Medicare. Abortion services are insured in all provinces and territories; however, access to these insured services varies within and between jurisdictions across the country. In...
  12. Imperium Anglorum

    [DRAFT] Safe Schools Act

    Because you are attempting to determine firearm policy within member nations, without a preamble section which explains why and how this proposal complies with Responsibility in Transferring Arms, this proposal will be found illegal. See Agricultural Invasive Species Act, [2018] GAS 4 (holding...
  13. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - PASSED] Rights of the Employed

    I wrote my view on this at here and also cross-posted below. On the current GA proposal: "Rights Of The Employed". I can tell you as an economic analyst that workers need protections, mostly because they have less bargaining power than corporations, especially when corporations create...
  14. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - FAILED] Requiring Promulgation Of National Laws

    The idea that reversing a state of emergency is less impactful than reversing a single miscarriage of justice is a massive under-appreciation of magnitude.
  15. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - Failed] Repeal: "Reproductive Freedoms"

    If one wanted to change, in good faith, the authorisation procedures for abortions so to remove the requirement for parental approval, would not the easiest and least destructive way to do that be repeal and replacement of the Patients' Rights Act?
  16. Imperium Anglorum

    [DRAFT] Mandatory Science Curricula

    This was linked via the WALL server. I'm unclear as to how this doesn't duplicate the proposal which Kenmoria has in queue. Could you clarify?
  17. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - Draft TBS] Preventing Financial Crises

    Yes and no. It would depend on the requirement made by legislation. For example, if the legislation said that WA members are to provide healthcare to all their citizens, that is not specifying a non-zero number for the allocation of government funds. Members would, nevertheless, be required to...
  18. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - Draft TBS] Preventing Financial Crises

    It isn't sufficient to say "I don't understand this" when it comes to clarifications. What needs clarifying? Where? And what do you not understand?
  19. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - Draft TBS] Preventing Financial Crises

    Saying that section 1(c) prohibits WA allocations of any sort is a misreading of the proposal. It says that the WA will "not specify explicit non-zero numbers for ... the allocation of government funds". What does that mean? It means proposals which declare that a member nation must pay 1 pc of...
  20. Imperium Anglorum

    [Scraped] Restrictions On Fishing

    GA 197, Sustainable Fishing Act
  21. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - Missing queue] Terra Nullius Protection Act

    There are portions of this proposal which I think might actually be characteristic of poor drafting support and inexperience. The quality of the writing in this proposal is dismal. The first one that I saw was this: 3) Concerning the responsibility of WA states' citizens, or corporations...
  22. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - In Queue] Fair Depository Standards Act

    When you hear the word lender, do you imagine just people who lend only to persons with collateral in the form of currency in a transaction account? I don't. I imagine people who do far more than that: C&I lending, home mortgage lending, commercial paper lending, etc. This gets back to what I...
  23. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - In Queue] Fair Depository Standards Act

    Firstly, having to do with bowloftoast's comments. Collateralisation, currency and fair market value. The collateralisation element cannot possibly be interpreted in the manner in which you want it to be interpreted, insofar as it explicitly says "in which a security interest in the form of...
  24. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - In Queue] Fair Depository Standards Act

    Regulatory arbitrage. This is something that comes up a lot, especially in the United States. The patchwork of competing jurisdictions means that firms can choose to headquarter in certain places, have certain types of charters, etc. that exempt them from certain types of regulation. In this...
  25. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - In Queue] Fair Depository Standards Act

    They're not the only weaknesses to this legislation. The proposal only applies most of these regulations to corporations or government institutions. Things like limited liability partnerships are not corporations. Moreover, the idea of what a lender is excludes mortgages, which fall into the...
  26. Imperium Anglorum

    [DRAFT] Preventing Financial Crises

    I have always interpreted the use of "shall" in any context except its negation (e.g. "shall not" meaning "may not") to be equivalent to "must". On this topic, people have used the word "shall" in the context of "The Crown shall appoint a Commissioner..." which courts have interpreted as "may"...
  27. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - At Vote] Repeal: “On Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes”

    Briefly, since I'm on mobile. 1. Precedent has nothing to do with GA resolutions. The reason Contradiction (not House of Cards) exists is because of the rule set up. Moreover, I'm not sure what the alleged 'precedent' about House of Cards is. HOC is a procedural question about whether or not...
  28. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - Failed] The Cloning Conventions

    Obviously I'm not a voter. But the claim that "other proposals can always tackle unconsidered restrictions later" is untrue insofar as if this proposal is passed, legislation which contradicts the requirements of this proposal would not be allowed to be tabled before the Assembly (or, if tabled...
  29. Imperium Anglorum

    [GA - At Vote] Repeal: “On Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes”

    Regarding what bowloftoast said above, exactly what is your position regarding precedent? Either it's binding or it's not. Either precedents are established by resolution passage or they are not. You seem to fall on the position that they are both binding and they are established by resolution...