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  1. The City-State of Salzburg

    Short History of Europe

    Europe was created in November 2002 in the days and weeks after the creation of NationStates. Unfortunately, nobody is available to tell us more about the early days. Regardless, Europe is so old that wen we were founded, we had no founder, since regional founders had not yet been added into the...
  2. The City-State of Salzburg

    Europe Embassy Request

    Name of your region: Europe Link to your region's forums: Head of Government: Imperium Anglorum Head of State: EuroFounder Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): The City-State of Vienna Short description of your region: Europe is...
  3. The City-State of Salzburg

    Foreign Envoys

    Nation: The City-State of Vienna; Foreign Secretary for Region: Europe Puppet in TNP: The City-State of Salzburg