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  1. Blake Marks

    The Retirement of Justin Time.

    Celebrate. Mainly British Isles can take breathers from my attacks. Again if I see a post that makes it seem that I was not a threat (mostly from a BI) member like windy or thomas. Attacks will follow but not by me. You guys know what I did and what I can do. Dont skrew up your peace "Time"...
  2. Blake Marks

    Justin Time

    Some of you mayknow me. Heard of me. Fear me yes... I am no blake marks no. I have been known as, Strider Moths But most of all I have been known as Time In due time attacks will follow. Try to expell my ip addres. I have many computers. Close your borders lock your self up. Ask british...
  3. Blake Marks

    The Magazine of Ashir

    1. Ashir was a young man, who wanted to be free from the grips of Maxx's plagues. Many people were dieing from these horrible curses which Maxx has set upon thee. Ashir who was a fuckwit was the first to inhale the lethal fumes of despression. He died instantly... 2. Ashir laid dead on the...