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  1. Bormiar

    [SC - At Vote] Condemn Cormactopia Prime

    I'm convinced to be against from Cormac's over-reactive, embarrassing forum posts. My vote is invalid.
  2. Bormiar

    Artemis for Vice Delegate, March 2020 Special Election

    What are you going to do to get us first in WA endorsements? It’s not a very large goal now, but I’d still like to see that you intend to do something that HA doesn’t already, and it’s always nice to create a buffer zone. Not sure if this is a conventional question, but who do you think should...
  3. Bormiar

    State of the region: Midterm Report

    Can we see a tirade of you critiquing your own delegacy?
  4. Bormiar

    Military Sign Up!

    Nation in The North Pacific: Twertis Current World Assembly nation: Twertis Previous NationStates military experience, if any: RRA, ex-NPA (I did nothing) Other NationStates military or non-military organizations you are involved in, if any: Edit: non-military ok. Thalassia, TRR, TEP, NPO...
  5. Bormiar

    [SC - Failed] Commend Cormactopia Prime

    Temporarily changing my vote to present, upon having had a conversation with Cormac that mitigates the need for the high standard of writing I initially expected from this draft. However, I'm not sure whether he can be believed.
  6. Bormiar

    [SC - Failed] Commend Cormactopia Prime

    Agreed. Part of it is that I would be for if the condemnation was first and mentioned threatening us (and our allies in detail).
  7. Bormiar

    [SC - Failed] Commend Cormactopia Prime

    Cormac clearly is motivated by power lust, and has threatened to coup the North Pacific and its allies an incalculable number of times. Against.
  8. Bormiar

    [SC - Failed] Commend Cormactopia Prime

    Commend Cormactopia Prime Category: Commendation | Nominee: Cormactopia Prime Proposed by: Jakker City | Onsite Topic Voting Instructions: Vote For if you want the Delegate to vote For the resolution. Vote Against if you want the Delegate to vote Against the resolution. Vote Abstain if you...
  9. Bormiar

    [GA - Passed] Disease Naming Compact

    Needlessly bureaucratic. Against.
  10. Bormiar

    [SC - Passed] Commend Kindjal

    It stopped feeling like a conversation to me.
  11. Bormiar

    [SC - Passed] Commend Kindjal

    We’re starting to repeat the same argument over and over like in the debate thread, and I can’t find anything novel. Clearly, the majority of the Security Council disagrees. I’m not avoiding debate because there simply isn’t anything that hasn’t been debated left. I’d understand if you can’t...
  12. Bormiar

    [SC - Passed] Commend Kindjal

    I’m just saying if you want to flex experience, you’ve got nothing on those guys. To re-iterate, IEs Sedgistan, Pogaria, Ransium, and Candlewhisper Archive all voted for. Normally I wouldn’t care, but it’s an incomplete representation to suggest that those more experienced in issues are against...
  13. Bormiar

    [SC - Passed] Commend Kindjal

    I wouldn't hype yourself up. Ransium is an IE and issues author who actually had a philosophical understanding of issues even before that, judging by their comments on how they analyzed weather before being an IE. PS2 has had a wide variety of different types of nations for a long time, and is...
  14. Bormiar

    [SC - Passed] Commend Kindjal

    For (WA in TNP). That's fair, and I definitely considered it from an IC stand-point, but NationStates nations aren't quite like real-world counterparts. Decisions that might be detrimental in a real world nation really help the nation. For example, speaking as someone who recently spent 2 and a...
  15. Bormiar

    [SC - Passed] Commend Kindjal

    If we're going by experience, here are comments from the two really successful issues answerers in the thread: Ransium, Issues player and IE ([1][2]) Pencil Sharpeners 2 ([1]) It's very clique-y to mandate communication to receive a World Assembly commendation, see why here...
  16. Bormiar

    Roll Call

    TNP Nation: Twertis Discord (with ID): twerty#7043
  17. Bormiar

    [RESTARTED] Voting: March 2020 Judicial Election

    Court Justice (select up to 3): < Wonderess | Zyvetskistaahn | Alamei > Would you like to reopen nominations? < No >
  18. Bormiar

    [CLOSED] Voting: March 2020 Judicial Election

    Court Justice (select up to 3): < Wonderess | Zyvetskistaahn | Alamei > Would you like to reopen nominations? < No >
  19. Bormiar

    [SC - Failed] Liberate the East Pacific

    It would be nice if proposals had small touches of humor, but they shouldn’t be based on it, imo.
  20. Bormiar

    Ministry of Communications Roll Call - March 2020

    TNP Nation: Twertis Discord ID: twerty#7043 Publication: I don’t know
  21. Bormiar

    [SC - At Vote] Commend 00000 A World Power

    For (invalid) based on GBM’s experience. Edit: or I would be for, if I felt the proposal was well-researched and well-written enough.
  22. Bormiar

    Announcement: Heroes of the North

    Exactly. “Claiming” a nominee is the least productive thing you can do, even for seasoned authors. Edit: Also, who’s going to submit it? It may be unwise to have it be an official TNP nation.
  23. Bormiar

    Announcement: Heroes of the North

    Are we condemning anyone?
  24. Bormiar

    Announcement: Heroes of the North

    What would the second round be lol
  25. Bormiar

    World Assembly Sponsorship Program

    WA Nation: Chameleon (will be Bormiar) Proposal Title: Commend Kindjal Council: Security Council Proposal Category: Commendation Link to Proposal (if applicable): Proposal Summary: Commend for dedication to issues.
  26. Bormiar


    Good job and good luck, Bluie.
  27. Bormiar

    [GA - Failed] Limitation Of Inhumane Weaponry

    After looking closer, I’m changing to against (invalid). The definition of “inhuman weaponry” is entirely dependent on intent, which can’t be adequately discerned until after the weapons are sold. Additionally, murders can be considered incidental, so those are exempt.
  28. Bormiar

    [GA - Failed] Limitation Of Inhumane Weaponry

    For (invalid). Agree with Morover.
  29. Bormiar

    New Radio Minister

    Good luck!