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Welcome to The North Pacific!
Where the democracy is strong, the debate robust, and the rum plentiful.

The North Pacific is one of the oldest and most powerful regions in NationStates. We pride ourselves on our strong democracy, openness, and transparency.

The region is affectionately called TNP. TNP is home to over 4,000 nations, called TNPers, and we are always looking for more to join us. We are glad to see you here and hope you decide become a TNPer yourself!

As a new arrival, you may be bewildered with everything that is going on. We understand, and for this reason, we have prepared this quick introduction to TNP. Unpack your bags, make yourself at home, and enjoy your stay :) .

First step: register an account

Please do not register more than one account on the forum. If you are not happy with the account you have created and want to change the name, reach out to an administrator.

You are currently viewing the forum as a guest. This means that you can only view some of the forum areas, and you cannot participate in any of them. To be able to join in or even see most of the things we will describe below, you will need to register an account. This is a quick and easy process that you can start by clicking here.

Our Government

The North Pacific is a constitutional democracy. We have a constitution, a bill of rights, and a legal code, which you can read here. Our government has four branches:

The Legislature consists of the Regional Assembly (RA), which votes to enact and amend legislation. Discussions in the RA are moderated by the Speaker, who is elected from among the RA members, and their Deputies. Everyone with a nation in the region can apply to join the RA.

The Executive consists of the Delegate, Vice Delegate, the Cabinet of Ministers, and the Executive Staff. The Delegate and Vice Delegate are elected by the RA, and are accountable to it. The Ministers are appointed by the Delegate, and each one of them manage their own staff. Together, the Executive runs the day-to-day affairs of the government. Broad areas the Executive is responsible for include home affairs, foreign affairs, World Assembly affairs, communications, culture, and our military. Everyone with a nation in the region can apply to join the Executive Staff and work in one of the Ministries.

The Judiciary consists of a single court, which has two Associate Justices and one Chief Justice. All Justices are elected by the RA, and are accountable to it. The court can authoritatively answer questions of law, void actions of other officials that have been brought for review, and decide criminal cases. Interacting with the Judiciary is the Attorney General, also elected by the RA, who serves as the chief prosecutor in criminal trials and as legal counsel to the Executive.

The Security Council is generally considered as a separate branch. It is a body of members that monitor the region for security purposes. They help protect the in-game delegacy, help with delegacy transitions during elections, and also provide a mechanism of response in the case of an illegal in-game delegate. They are accountable to the RA.

You can find a list of current government officials here.

Ways to Get Involved

The best way to start getting involved is to apply for citizenship. Citizenship allows you to access all forum areas and join the various government and community activities. The application process should be easy and fast, and the only prerequisite is having a nation in the region. Once you are a citizen, you will also be eligible to vote and be a candidate in elections for the various government offices, such as Delegate and Vice Delegate - there is an election roughly every two months.

If the description of the government has enticed you, you should definitely consider contributing in the various branches! As a citizen, you can take part in the Regional Assembly, where you can legislate and scrutinize the government. You can also apply to join the Executive Staff, and get involved in any Ministry that interests you.

If you would like to poke around the forum and interact with our community before deciding to become a citizen, you should register your residency. Once you do so, you will be able to access most of the areas of this forum and join the various other activities. Here is a sample:

You can participate in our Role Play section, where you can write the story of your nation, interact with your neighbours on The North Pacific map, and join the Democratic Union.

You can drop by our World Assembly section, to discuss resolutions at vote, draft your own resolutions, and determine how our WA Delegate represents us in the World Assembly.

If you want to experience and learn about the military gameplay, one of the most exciting aspects of the game, you can enlist in the North Pacific Army and start serving TNP as a proud soldier!


If you have more questions, you can check for answers in the The North Pacific FAQs. The Yellow Pages in particular provide a comprehensive guide to the region in a single thread.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions there, or if you are having any trouble with the forum, you can contact our forum administrators and global moderators here.

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Zetaboards conversion to Tapatalk
Topic Started: May 16 2018, 08:01 AM (185 Views)
Lord Ravenclaw
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Well it seems our fears when IF went the Tapatalk way were well founded.

Zetaboards has announced an imminent forced upgrade to Tapatalk for ALL EXISTING Zetaboard forums.

See the following details:

Apparently Brandon is working on a hybrid software but that is unlikely. The staff weren't made aware of this prior to the announcement and it seems communication with regards to the upgrades is lacking. The largest single thing that'll vanish from this board is the styling, as far as I'm aware. That said, Tapatalk's forum software is based off of Phpbb3.

They also charge $10 a month for custom domains from what I've been told - this would be a knock on effect as there may even be a separate premium option (as opposed to the current $80ish a year). No idea if that would include Ad Removal.

There's also no timeframe, which means it could be next week or next month for all I know. This acquisition effectively means the majority of freehosts are now under Tapatalks' banner.

Edited by Lord Ravenclaw, May 16 2018, 10:34 AM.
RIP My Son, he died doing what he loved.
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Lord Ravenclaw
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Contains their premium tier pricings: https://www.tapatalk.com/tapatalk_groups#pricing
RIP My Son, he died doing what he loved.
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Owner of Eras' best navy. It is known.

So, tl;dr this is bad.

We may want to start moving all the stuff we need from this forum to a secure place where it can be stored and recorded, and then maybe investigate a new forum.

(I recommend whatever TSP has. It's pretty cool-looking.)
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I have a fresh install blank myBB forum I set up before the reason I was going to use it became a dick and it's more effort to delete than just leave. PM me here or discord and I have no issue giving the right person the admin id/password if you want to play and see what you can do with mybb.

myBB does have migration tools, but none directly from Zetaboards. You can get around it by using Zetaboards export features to Phpbb3 and myBB has an import tool for that.

This forum and it's database is sitting on 1.5TB of free hard drive in an 8 core Xeon server running nothing but a LAMP server and it's connected to a decent internet connection ( http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/d/d8fc6faf-bb79-47ce-a625-0d1776b8da01http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/d/d8fc6faf-bb79-47ce-a625-0d1776b8da01 )

For the right person, I can even give you teamviewer access if you need to check out the PC to make sure, after 10 years in NS and 3 years here you need to prove that I really don't care about your world
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St George
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Formerly madjack

May 19 2018, 12:29 AM
You can get around it by using Zetaboards export features to Phpbb3 and myBB has an import tool for that.
Is that possible? I was under the impression that the only way to get our data from Zeta was to scrape the forum.
I have a Medium
TNP Lead RP Mod and TNP University Faculty
(17:04:22)<Severisen>lol I was just thinking about DOS players being like the ghosts of NS...and madjack is like Casper
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That might be true now a days. Zeta used to have an export fuction to phpbb, even ipboards. They may have been removed fron Zeta at this point. Zeta has a history of being cranky as people want to leave. Either way, I have a blank fresh installed, up to date myBB 1.8 forum sitting around I didn't end up using on a server easily configurable to let someone else drive for awhile that's there if someone needs it.
Edited by QuietDad, May 20 2018, 04:08 PM.
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